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Waffle On a Stick Machine Hire Pretoria | Randburg | Johannesburg | East Rand. #1 Stick Waffle Machine Hire.

The Best Stick Waffle Machine Hire and Lolly Waffle on a stick Machine in Pretoria | Randburg | Johannesburg and East Rand. Find a Waffle on a Stick Maker

Waffle on a Stick Machine Hire

Popular option is the Waffle On a Stick Machine Rental per day:

R450-00 per day

Waffle & Belgian Waffle  Mixes are NOT included in this price!

Rather Click Here to view the available Waffle Mixes.

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Wow don’t miss out on this awesome party idea, combine your favorite Chocolate Fountain and this amazing new Stick Waffle Machine to create an unforgettable Party Snack. There are endless options with these Waffles on a Stick, dip it in Chocolate, dip it in your favorite Syrup, add Soft Serve Ice Cream and don’t forget the Hundreds and Thousands Sprinkles, you can personalize your own creative waffle on a stick. Why would you do the Traditional Party Snacks when you can go WILD and be different with this amazing Waffle Machine.


Stick Waffle Machine Hire Pretoria

All Accessories are available and please note that a refundable deposit will be required to confirm your booking. For a formal Quotation or more information don’t hesitate to contact us:

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We also supply Waffle Mix For Sale and various amazing extra’s.

Did you know we have lots of Stick Waffle extra’s available for example:
 Melting Chocolate | Soft Serve Ice Cream | Awesome Syrups | Hundreds and Thousands  just to mention a few…

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