#① Slush Mixes, Cocktail Mix, Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix, Popcorn Spices, Candy Floss Sugar etc... Contact us on 072 609 0186 178 Eagle Street Montana Park, Pretoria.

Holiday Closure:

Smart Candy will be closed for the Festive Season Holidays from 21 December 2023 to 7 January 2024! Our last business day for 2023 will be the 20th of December and we will be back on the 8th of January 2024 - We wish you all Happy Holidays!

Holiday Closure:

Smart Candy will be closed for the Festive Season Holidays from 21 December 2023 to 7 January 2024! Our last business day for 2023 will be the 20th of December and we will be back on the 8th of January 2024 - We wish you all Happy Holidays!

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178 Eagle Street, Montana Park Pretoria

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Welcome to Smart Candy, Supplier of Slush Mix, Slush Machines, Soft Serve Mix, Soft Serve Machines, Candy Floss Sugar, Candy Floss Machines, Popcorn Spices, Popcorn Machines, Snow Cone Syrup, Snow Cone Machines and much more...

Yes, we understand our customers’ need to shop at leisure with all products on display.

Smart Candy is open from Monday to Saturday:

Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 17:00
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You are free to walk in at any time during these hours, but you also have the option to order Online and receive an obligation FREE Quote.

178 Eagle Street Montana Park,
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

No, not at all! No payment is required when placing your order online with us.

The online ordering system is there to assist you with all our available products and quantities you need, thereafter at the checkout your details and company details will be submitted and by clicking on the Place Order button you are supplying us with your order request so that we can generate and send you a formal Quote – All of this FREE without paying for anything yet.

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Shop Online or visit our Showroom to view our range of products. We have the largest range of Slush Mixes available, amazing Soft Serve Mixes, Soft Serve Topping Syrups and Chocolate Flaked Bars. Furthermore, we have an amazing range of Candy Floss Sugar Mixes and Candy Floss Sticks. All Popcorn Spices, Popcorn Bags and all Popcorn related accessories are also supplied by us. Don’t forget about our #1 BEST Snow Cone Syrups, there are many flavours available to cater for all taste buds…

Slush Mix Suppler South Africa! #1 BEST Slushy Mixes for Sale.
Smart Candy Mixes, Syrups, Spices And More For Sale!

#1 BEST Slush Mixes For Sale:

Wide Variety Of The BEST Slush Mixes Including Coffee & Chocolate...

AMAZING Soft Serve Powder Mixes:

NEW Premium Quality Soft Serve Mix Available in 1kg & 1.5kg Packs.

VARIOUS Snow Cone Syrups:

#1 Snow Cone Syrup Flavours | Ready To Use Sold in 1L Bottles.

SA's BEST Candy Floss Sugars:

#1 BEST Candy Floss Sugar, Cotton Candy Sugar Ready To Use.

Smart Candy Popcorn, Slush, Candy Floss Machines & More For Sale!

6oz & 8oz Popcorn Machines For Sale:

We Have The Perfect Popcorn Machine To Suite Your Needs...

Pink Candy Floss Machines For Sale:

NEW & Improved Candy Floss Machine in Table Model or Cart (Trolley)

SLUSH Machines For Sale!!!

#1 Slush Machine For Sale | Easy to Operate Single | Double | Triple Barrels.

Snow Cones, Crushed Ice? Ice Crushers For Sale:

#1 BEST Ice Crushers to Make Snow Cones is as Easy As One, Two, Three....

Soft Serve, Slushies, Popcorn, Candy Floss, Cocktail, Chocolate Fountain, Frozen Yogurt, Waffle Machine Sales:

Let us not complicate things: Smart Candy Specializes in Soft Serve Machine Sales. Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine for Sale, Slush Machine for Sale, Slushy Machine Sales, Cocktail Machine Sales, Slushie Machine for Sale, Popcorn Machine for Sale, Candy floss Machine South Africa, Waffle Machine for Sale, Frozen Yogurt Machine for Sale Gauteng, Pretoria. Slush Machine for Sale Johannesburg & Frozen Slushie Machine Sales East Rand. Why not buy a Slushy Machine near me now at an affordable price. Smart Candy is proud to announce that we now have Popcorn Machine For Sale!

We offer high-quality products and great service at affordable prices!

We also offer you the option to purchase all your accessories related to your Party or Event Machine directly from us. Now available the most amazing Belgian Waffle Mix and Donut Mix. Our dedication and passion is one big reason why our customers come back to us. Come visit us and see for yourself what we have to offer! Snow Cone Machine & Ice Crusher Machines Available to make the best Snow Cones, have a look at the ET-200 Ice Crusher. Don’t forget we have the best Snow Cone Syrup

Finally did you know we have a Online Shop? We are proud to introduce our wide variety of Accessories including Soft Serve Cone variations and our new Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix For Sale, we are proud Ice Cream Mix Suppliers South Africa with products like: 1.5kg Premium Vanilla Soft Serve Mix, 1.5kg Premium Chocolate Soft Serve Mix and the 1.5kg Premium Strawberry Soft Serve Mix. Oh yes it just gets better and better, newly added Chocolate Bars, who can resist a Chocolate Flaked Bar in an Ice Cream Cone? We look forward to hearing from you. With our range expanding by the day you wouldn’t be surprised to find the BEST Chocolate Dip 5kg for Ice Cream Dip or Waffle Topping, amazing Milky Bar White Chocolate Dip 5kg and the most amazing Caramel Crunch 5kg now available on shelf and in our Online Shop. These Chocolate Dipping flavours are ideal for Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone Chocolate Dipping and much much more… Chocolate Ice Cream Dip at it’s BEST!!!

Smart Candy now has Popcorn Machine For Sale, have a look for yourself! We have done it again, now not only can you Hire a Popcorn Machine from us, you can buy it from us too and we have now added South Africa’s most preferred Popcorn Spices. Popcorn Seasoning, Popcorn Sprinkles or even Popcorn Salt no matter how you refer to it, we have it! Popular Popcorn Spices include Fruity Chutney Popcorn Spice, Salty Butter Popcorn Spice, Salt & Vinegar Popcorn Spice, Lightly Salted Popcorn Spice, Sour Cream & Chives Popcorn Spice and Cream Cheese & Chives Popcorn Spice. Now you’re covered with all these amazing spices and our very popular Popcorn Kernels not to mention the Popcorn Brown Bags. Popcorn Bags For Sale at very affordable prices, sizes and quantity.

We did it again… What did you expect??? Candy Floss Machine For Sale South Africa done just the right way by Smart Candy!!! Yes you got that right we have the BEST Candy Floss Machines For Sale South Africa has to offer. Cotton Candy Makers now available right here from Smart Candy, you can now start making your own Fairy Floss with our Amazing ChromeCater Candy Floss Machine For Sale!!! The BEST #1 Choice the ChromeCater MF-01 Table Model Candy Floss Machine now available. Furthermore we also have the very popular ChromeCater MF-05 Candy Floss Machine On Cart (Trolley) available for creating that amazing Carnival affect. 

But we took it one step further, yes yes you got that right we added simply the BEST CANDY FLOSS SUGAR South Africa has ever seen… With popular flavours like Strawberry Candy Floss Sugar, Bubblegum Candy Floss Sugar, Grape Candy Floss Sugar you can never take a wrong turn. So then we spiced it up some more and added funky new flavours like Turkish Delight Candy Floss Sugar, Blueberry Candy Floss Sugar, Cherry Candy Floss Sugar, Tropical Candy Floss Sugar and more just to be different!!! Why not have a taste of our AMAZING Candy Floss Sugar For Sale yourself?

CHROMECATER SLUSH MACHINE FOR SALE! #1 BEST SUPPLIER OF CHROMECATER SLUSH MACHINES IN PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA! Once again Smart Candy did it, we now have the answer to your questions! Where to find CHROMECATER Slush Machine For Sale Near Me in Pretoria, South Africa – well Smart Candy has you covered. We sell and distribute ChromeCater Slushy Machines and you can buy a Single Barrel SC-1 Chrome Cater Slush Machine, Double Barrel ChromeCater SC-2 Slushy Machine or the oh so popular Three Barrel SC-3 ChromeCater Slushie Machine for sale. Impressed, lets top that and send you on your way to our amazing range of Slush Mix For Sale, Slush Cups & Lids For Sale, Slush Straws 8mm thick now that should have you excited!!!
Expanding our already so popular range of mixes and syrups just got BETTER with our NEW and IMPROVED very popular Milkshake Syrup Mix For Sale in these amazing flavours: Our classic, premium quality milkshake syrup flavours include Strawberry Milkshake Syrup, Chocolate Milkshake Syrup, Banana Milkshake Syrup, Lime Milkshake Syrup, Bubblegum Milkshake Syrup and Butterscotch Milkshake Syrup. We also offer good Quality Reliable Milkshake Maker Machines like the ChromeCater Milkshake Maker Single BL-015 and the ChromeCater Milkshake Maker Double BL-018, these milkshake blenders work perfectly with our amazing milkshake syrups. 

Please Note: We will be Closed on Monday 17 June 2024. We Will be back and available on Tuesday 18 June 2024!

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