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Snow Cone Syrup South Africa near me! Snow Cones & Shaved Ice Concentrate

Snow Cone Syrup South Africa | Find 100% Amazing Snow Cones & Shaved Ice Syrup Concentrate near me in Pretoria | Johannesburg | Randburg & East Rand.

Snow Cone Syrup

READY TO USE Amazing Snow Cone Syrups per 1000ml Bottle:

R50-00 per 1000ml (1L) Bottle

Each 1000ml Bottle of Syrup Concentrate is READY TO USE for the Best Shaved Ice Syrup to make Amazing Snow Cones! Why don’t you get yours today?

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Shaved Ice Syrup Concentrate

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Snow Cone Syrup
We’ve been making our Snow Cone mixes right here in South Africa for years and supply to all Even and Market Entrepreneurs. We have years of market research and can proudly state that our Sno Cone Syrups are the best. South African made from high quality ingredients for the South African market – #Awesome!
  • Stunning Sno Cone Syrup & Cups to boost your promotions
  • Popularity guaranteed: Proven Flavours for maximum profit
  • Wide range of Snow Cone flavours
  • South African made syrups for the local market
  • High quality ingredients, simply the best is used
  • Snow Cone Spoons, Spouts & Funnels for extra promotional impact

Did you know we supply a wide range of Snow Cone Syrups and various other extra’s. Shaved Ice that’s rocking!

That’s what kids want – rocking Sno Cone Syrup flavours. South African kids all have their favourite flavours, and we’ve got them all right here. We’ve been making them for years so we know a thing or two about the South African Sno Cone market. These Sno Cone Syrups rock – every single one of them! We do Shaved Ice BEST!!!

As market leaders we have more to offer than just the amazing Syrup Concentrate. Furthermore we have Bottles, Cups, Funnels and even Spoons…

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