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Slush Powder Mix 1.5kg:
1.5kg Makes 11L of Slush Syrup (1.5kg + 10L Water)
Amount of Servings:
11L (11000ml) Slush Mix Divided by Cup Size eg:
11000ml ÷ 250ml Cup = 44x 250ml Servings
11000ml ÷ 350ml Cup = 31x 350ml Servings

11000ml ÷ 500ml Cup = 22x 500ml Servings
Cost Per Serving (Excluding Cup):
44x 250ml Servings | R75.00 ÷ 44x Cups = R1,71 per 250ml of Slush Mix
31x 350ml Servings | R75.00 ÷ 31x Cups = R2,42 per 350ml of Slush Mix
22x 500ml Servings | R75.00 ÷ 22x Cups = R3,41 per 500ml of Slush Mix


Slush Mix Passion Fruit Flavour for Sale South Africa

#1 BEST Supplier of SLUSH Mix for Sale to make the ultimate Slushy by Smart Candy!
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