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Chocolate Flaked Bars: 140x Flaked Bars

Flaked Chocolate Bars For Sale in 1.4kg (140x Flaked Bars For Sale per Box) Who Can Resist Flaked Bars In Ice Cream?

140x Chocolate Flaked Bars For Sale – The Best Thing For Any Ice Cream Cone Is a Flaked Chocolate Bar!!! Topping Your Favourite Soft Serve…

Amount of Flaked Chocolate Bars Per Box:
140x Flakes / 1.4kg


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Flaked Bars For Sale | Do You Like Flaked Bars In Your Soft Serve Ice Cream?

#1 Flaked Bars for Ice Cream Cones – Best Flaked Bars For Sale Supplier to the South African Industry @ the Best Price!

If You can’t find the Chocolate you are looking for this will surely be the Best option.

What does Flakes that mean?
(a small, flat, very thin piece of something, typically one which has broken away or been peeled off from a larger piece.

“he licked the flakes of croissant off his finger”)

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