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Slush Puppie Syrup

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Find Slush Puppie Syrup for Sale! Find the #1 Slush Puppy Flavour & Slush Mix supplier near me with options right here. Slush Puppie Syrup Mixes South Africa… Above all we distribute Slush Mix at an amazing price. Pretoria | Johannesburg | East Rand | Cape Town | Durban | South Africa!

Furthermore we also have Slush Machines for Hire.  Our Mixes are perfect for use in almost all Slush Puppy Machines in the South African Market. Our Slush Puppie Syrup for sale makes the best Frozen Slushy drinks and ready to use in Commercial and Home use machines. Furthermore these amazing 1.5kg Slush Powder Mixes makes 11l of the best Slush Puppy Syrup.

Here at Smart Candy we not only supply you with great mixes we also offer FREE advice for using our equipment or Syrups to achieve profits out of this word or to just have a great party or event.

Finally some useful Information about our Slushy Mixes:

  • Slush Powder Mix 1.5kg:
    1.5kg Makes 11L of Slush Puppie Syrup (1.5kg + 10L Water)
  • Amount of Servings:
    11L (11000ml) Devided by Cup Size eg: 11000ml ÷ 230ml = 48x 230ml Servings
    11L (11000ml) Devided by Cup Size eg: 11000ml ÷ 350ml = 31x 350ml Servings
    So you can do the same with your own Cup or Bottle size, simple take 11L (11000ml) and Devide it by your size and get an average for Slush Servings per 1.5kg Slush Powder Mix

You are more than welcome to use our Online Ordering system or contact us via email, phone, whatsapp or our Contact Us Page: https://www.smartcandy.co.za | 072 609 0186 | Your friendly Slush Puppie Syrup Supplier…

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